[ Who I Am ]

My name is Jessica Redmond-Cervantes. I am a graphic designer & illustrator and currently live in Nashville, Tennessee. I graduated from the University of Tampa in 2016 and also studied design at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco, California. During my studies, I was able to better myself as a designer, find both my strengths and weaknesses, and produce designs that helped to define and showcase who I am as a designer.

Besides being a designer, I am a wife as well as a mother to a wonderful, handsome, and stellar little boy named Kai. When I am not designing or drawing in my spare time, I am out with my family, enjoying life and every single second with my special little guy. I love to read, play outside with Kai, go to the beach ( whenever I am close to one ), be out on the lake, and go boating. My little family and I love going out and finding open fields for us to go explore and kick the soccer ball around. We love being outside and enjoying life around us !

I also manage my own small business on the side where I sell enamel pins, apparel, stickers, and more of both my original art as well as fan art. To me, it is important to be passionate, do what you love, and share that with the world ! Managing my own online shop has taught me a lot about marketing as well as managing social media accounts and using them as powerful marketing tools. I love staying busy and being able to pursue my goals while sharing my art with the world !

I am originally from Hong Kong, and I am ½ Asian //  ½ British. I have had an amazing experience of sailing and traveling to many different places all over the world. Because of this, a lot of my work is inspired by my travels, the lines and motions of the sea and sky, and the many cultures I have experienced. Asian and Japanese culture inspire me the most and have completely captured my heart. I am a HUGE ( and I mean HUGE ) otaku nerd and forever will be. A lot of my illustrations and designs take inspiration from Japanese anime and manga, and I love to create fan art.  I cannot express how much I absolutely love and am inspired by Japanese culture, anime/manga, all things kawaii, and cats. Once you get to know me, you'll realize pretty quickly that I am the crazy cat lady who is also one of the biggest nerds on the planet.