MAJESTEA Tea packaging

Course: Graphic Design II

Focus: Packaging

Brief / Description: For this assignment and project, I needed to rebrand a well-known company. My classmates and I chose to rebrand the arts and crafts store, Michaels, right before they actually ended up rebranding themselves. we chose to rebrand the store because it had a script font that just didn’t show or explain to its customers what the store was really about. We also chose to rebrand the store and give it more of a modern feel with both a logotype and a symbol. I wanted to keep it more modern by using a san-serif font, News Gothic, and creating a symbol/logo that better helped represent the company, it’s brand message, and what they sold. My logo used primary and complimentary colors, is shaped like a flower pinwheel, but has points that represent an ink pen and pencil. I wanted the logo to be simple but still help symbolize everything the store had to offer arts and crafts wise, and that it had supplies for many different kinds of art forms.