CHIC by Tory Burch Home Paint Line Collection

Course: Package Design 2

Instructor: Tom McNulty

Focus: Packaging Design

Brief / Description: This was a project in which I created and design the packaging for a new line of household paints employing a co-brand strategy. I used the name of a well-known fashion designer - Tory Burch - for the brand name and created the sub-brand CHIC. I then created an interior and exterior 1 gallon paint can design, and interior and exterior quart can design, 2 spray paint can designs, a paintbrush package design, and paint stir stick designs for the new home paint line collection CHIC by Tory Burch. By exploring different typographical layouts, colours, and pattern uses, I was able to create a line of home paints that stayed true to the Tory Burch name and brand.